Sustained Investment Success is Skill. Not Luck.

Investment strategies to suit you

At OneFocus, we look at your entire capital portfolio and create a flexible investment plan to suit your situation, goals and life stage.

We help you recognise and manage risk that comes with every decision – and constantly review your investment position as your circumstances and priorities change.

Maximising your overall return

For a successful investment strategy, you need to understand all influencing factors.

At OneFocus we regularly analyse changing environmental issues such as population, spending and technology. We also keep abreast of respected analysts’ viewpoints.

But the focus of our analysis is always to determine the soundness, quality and value of specific investments.

No more unnecessary tax

At OneFocus, we apply efficient tax planning strategies aimed at increasing your business, domestic and investment after-tax return.

We help you structure your capital in a tax-efficient manner for the full journey of ownership – a vital ingredient for long-term investment success.