The Specialist Expertise You Deserve

Is a SMSF right for you?

The word ‘SMSF’ is hot on everyone’s lips right now. But if you simply want to know the facts, OneFocus can help.

Many of our advisers have more than 20 years’ specialist SMSF experience. We can help you understand what’s involved, outline the risks and benefits, and advise if it’s the right strategy for you.

Making the most of your SMSF strategy

As SMSF specialists, OneFocus can:

  • Set up and establish your SMSF with minimum stress
  • Ensure your fund is compliant and always up to date
  • Provide all associated investment and loan advice
  • Help you realise all tax advantages

Advice you can rely on

OneFocus is not aligned with any banks, funds or other third parties. This means our investment recommendations are always designed to benefit you – not us.

It also means we are never restricted in terms of what we can offer.