Audit and assurance

Audit and assurance services for financial accuracy and compliance

Onefocus provides a proactive and deeply knowledgeable approach to audit and assurance. We will help you meet regulatory requirements while delivering valuable insights and recommendations to enhance your business’s processes, risk management and financial reports.

A trusted and consistent service

The onefocus audit and assurance team operates with strong ethical standards and an unwavering commitment to providing you with independent, quality results.

Deep industry expertise

Our highly experienced audit and assurance team has 60+ years of combined experience. We deliver you and your shareholders financial insights you can trust.

Ethical and transparent delivery

We pride ourselves on adhering to strong ethical standards and transparent pricing practices so you can feel confident every step of the way.

Personalised approach

Our experts deliver a tailored, client-centric approach to help you meet your unique challenges in regulatory compliance, fraud detection, and prevention.

Long-term relationships & support

As our client, you can rely on the onefocus team to be your long-term partner. You will receive optimal service every time – and feel supported to meet your regulatory commitments.

Ongoing professional development

As rules and regulations evolve, so does our knowledge. Our team is committed to career-long learning to ensure we’re always one step ahead of Australia’s ever-changing audit and assurance landscape.

A client-centred focus

Our client-centred focus means you can trust us to provide unbiased advice and guidance – knowing we’re fully dedicated to your financial success and wellbeing.

The onefocus audit and assurance offerings

Onefocus offers a range of audit and assurance solutions designed to give you confidence, improve your business processes, and enhance your financial reporting outcomes.

Financial statement audits

We complete audits for businesses, not-for-profits, AFSL holders, solicitor trust accounts, property outgoings and foreign-controlled entities to identify risks and meet reporting requirements.

Regulatory compliance & reporting

We help you navigate complex regulatory requirements to stay compliant with Australian laws and accounting standards.

Forensic audits and fraud investigations

Our experts are skilled at using investigative techniques to uncover fraud, corruption or misrepresentation of financial facts, to strengthen your policies and ensure proper use of company assets.

Risk assessment & management

We can undertake a comprehensive and systematic review of your systems, processes and financial statements to help mitigate and manage potential risks.

Process & internal control enhancements

We provide you with the expertise to assess and align your internal audit and assurance functions with your organisation’s objectives for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Due diligence reviews

Our experts can conduct thorough due diligence reviews to ensure your transactions deliver real value to your business, its shareholders and your bottom line.

Data analytics & technology solutions

We can help you track and manage your audit analytics with ease by identifying and installing effective technology solutions.

Reports on procedures & factual findings

Our experts will help identify areas that need assurance, like stock, debtors and fixed assets, then create reports to help you keep stakeholders informed.

For in-person or virtual guidance and support on your audit and assurance needs, please get in touch.