Estate planning

Tailored estate planning for every stage of life

The experts at onefocus offer a personalised approach to give you the knowledge, strategies and tools necessary for making informed estate planning decisions.

Our team will take the time to understand your situation and goals, so you can confidently take charge of your financial future.

A comprehensive and holistic service

Estate planning is an integral part of our comprehensive financial planning experience. Our team will support you to secure your future and preserve your legacy – for generations to come.

Financial planning integration

Estate planning is a critical piece of your overall financial journey. By taking a comprehensive view of your financial factors and goals, your estate plan will integrate seamlessly into the bigger picture.

Personalised strategies

The experts at onefocus create personalised and meticulously crafted estate planning strategies unique to every client. Our goal is to ensure you preserve your legacy – just as you envision it.

A collaborative approach

Estate planning requires well-rounded advice on complex legal, tax and financial matters. So, onefocus brings together all the necessary experts to give you the right information and guidance.

Long-term relationships and support

As our client, you can rely on the onefocus team to be your long-term partner. We will review and adapt your estate plans over time to match any evolving goals, changes in family dynamics and changing legal requirements.

Communication and education

Through our educational client functions, onefocus equips you with the knowledge you need to make informed choices. This results in a deeper sense of confidence and control over your financial and estate planning journey.

A client-centred focus

Our client-centred focus means you can trust us to provide unbiased advice and guidance – knowing we’re fully dedicated to your financial success and wellbeing.

The onefocus estate planning offerings

All our services are tailored to your unique needs and goals to ensure your wishes are respected – and your loved ones are well taken care of.

Wills & trusts

We use our in-house experts to establish trusts. And we collaborate with lawyers to create legally binding wills that reflect your wishes and provide clarity to your beneficiaries.

Beneficiary designations

Our experts can review and optimise beneficiary designations for your assets (such as retirement accounts and life insurance policies) to satisfy your estate planning goals.

Estate tax planning

We advise on estate tax minimisation strategies to protect your assets from potential tax liabilities – resulting in more wealth to pass on to your beneficiaries.

Healthcare directives & powers of attorney

We work alongside lawyers to prepare advance healthcare directives, living wills and powers of attorney to ensure your healthcare wishes are respected.

Guardianship nominations

If you have minors, we can guide you in nominating guardians to care for your children should the need arise, providing peace of mind for the future.

Special needs planning

If you have dependents with special needs, we can help you ensure they receive adequate care and support, without jeopardising government benefits.

Business succession planning

We help business owners plan for the transfer of ownership and management to designated successors.

Charitable giving strategies

We can help you incorporate philanthropy into your estate plan by establishing charitable trusts or foundations to support causes close to your heart.

Estate plan reviews

We can regularly review your estate plan to ensure it aligns with any new laws or changes in your goals or family circumstances.

Probate & estate administration

We support and guide executors and beneficiaries during the probate and estate administration process – streamlining the distribution of assets and managing potential complexities.

For expert estate planning advice and support, please get in touch.

We offer in-person or virtual sessions – and invite you to book a collaborative family session if you wish.