Insurance broking

Expert insurance broking for comprehensive protection

Our expert brokers comprehensively analyse your risk profile to recommend the best covers for you – helping you get certainty of protection in every aspect of your life.

A tailored and detailed approach to insurance

We listen to your needs to provide superior insurance solutions that safeguard your personal and business assets.

A client-centred approach

Our client-centred approach means you can trust us to provide expert advice – knowing we’re fully dedicated to helping you manage risk at home and in your business.

Ethical & transparent services

We’re committed to providing ethical and transparent services. You can trust that our recommendations are always rooted in integrity and a deep concern for your financial wellbeing.

A collaborative approach

We want you to understand your cover options – and make informed decisions about them. So we always welcome questions and open communication.

Long-term relationships & support

Our services are not transactional – they’re the foundation of a long-term partnership. We’ll deliver ongoing reviews, adjustments and support to ensure
your insurance strategies evolve with your changing lifestyle.

Financial planning integration

Our unique approach ensures your insurance strategies seamlessly integrate into your broader financial plans – whether they be for your business or your personal life.

Evolving cybersecurity measures

As technology advances, so do concerns about cybersecurity. We implement advanced cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive client information, ensuring the highest level of data security and privacy.

The onefocus insurance broking offerings

Our expert insurance brokers can confidently help you arrange all types of business, commercial and personal insurance products.

Business insurance

Construction & trades cover

Cyber & privacy insurance

Freight forwarders cover

Home & contents insurance

Machinery & equipment breakdown

Professional liability insurance

Strata insurance

Business interruption insurance

Corporate travel cover

Electronic equipment breakdown insurance

General property & goods in transit cover

Industrial special risks insurance

Manufacturing insurance

Public & products liability

Tax audit insurance

Commercial motor fleet insurance

Crime insurance

Farm insurance

Heavy motor insurance

Landlord insurance

Motor vehicle cover

Retail business insurance

Trade credit insurance

For in-person or virtual insurance broking advice, please get in touch.