Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

Bespoke SMSF solutions to meet your retirement goals

Our team of experts helps you navigate complex SMSF legislation, ensuring you optimise your investment opportunities with confidence.

From establishing your SMSF to choosing a strategy and managing tax, our team will give you professional advice at every step.

Tailored SMSF solutions – delivered with precision

Our team of highly qualified experts understands the intricacies of SMSFs, so you can be sure our advice will be accurate, personalised and effective.

A client-centred focus

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We work with you to create SMSF strategies that reflect your needs, values and priorities.

Tailored & innovative strategies

The members of our SMSF team are specialists, allowing them to give you effective, tailored solutions that cater to the specific goals of your SMSF.

Transparent and ethical practices

We uphold transparency and the highest ethical standards at all times. Our advice is always impartial and aligned with your best interests.

Long-term relationships & support

You can rely on us to be your long-term SMSF partner. We’ll work hard to understand your goals and needs in detail so we can help you respond quickly to any changes in your situation.

Compliance excellence

Our SMSF experts are meticulous about compliance, keeping up with all legislative changes to ensure your SMSF always adheres to the law.

Tech-driven efficiency

We use technology to simplify your SMSF management. Our tools give you clear communication, streamlined administration and the utmost reporting accuracy.

The onefocus SMSF offerings

Our services are designed to empower you with the knowledge, support and strategies you need to manage and optimise your SMSF.

SMSF establishment & structuring

Our experts will guide you in setting up your SMSF every step of the way. We assist in establishing your fund, obtaining all necessary registrations – and structuring it in line with your financial goals.

Investment strategy development

We collaborate with you to create a tailored investment strategy aligned with your financial goals and risk tolerance. We’ll help you construct a well-diversified portfolio that manages risks and provides optimal returns.

Superannuation and retirement planning

Our advisers will help maximise your SMSF’s potential by considering contribution strategies, pension options and transition-to-retirement planning.

SMSF compliance and reporting

By managing reporting and annual, independent audits, we’ll ensure your SMSF remains compliant with changing regulatory requirements and avoids penalties.

Estate planning and succession strategies

We offer guidance on integrating an SMSF into your estate planning strategy, ensuring a smooth transition of assets in the event of death or incapacity.

Tax efficiency & SMSF strategies

We provide tax-efficient SMSF strategies to optimise your tax position. We’ll guide you through effective tax planning to minimise your liabilities and take advantage of available concessions.

SMSF auditing & governance

Our experts can assist with finding reputable auditors and governance practices to help you meet your annual audit requirements – and maintain the integrity of your SMSF.

SMSF borrowing and limited recourse loans

Our experts can advise you on the legal and financial aspects of SMSF borrowing and limited recourse loans – giving you options for investing in property and other assets.

Specialist SMSF advice

If you’re a high-net-worth individual with a complex financial situation, we’ll help you establish and execute sophisticated SMSF strategies to address your needs and goals.

Educational newsletters

Through educational newsletters, we help you stay informed about SMSF regulations, investment trends and strategic planning.

SMSF wind-up & exit strategies

Personal circumstances and financial goals can change. Our experts can provide you with advice and exit strategies to wind up and exit your SMSF.

For an in-person or virtual SMSF advisory session, please get in touch.